Available August 2022

To purchase, write to potsinclay@gmail.com, include shipping destination for shipping quote.

Reserved – Carbontrap teapot I, shino glaze, porcelain, 75ml – 165 euro
SOLD – Carbontrap shino teapot II, shino glaze, porcelain, 80ml – 160 euro
Sold – Celadon teapot, porcelain, overhead handle, 95 ml – 145 euro

Available June 2022

All prices are incl. VAT, but excl. shipping and other local taxes. Write to potsinclay@gmail.com for shipping quote.

SOLD – Carbontrap shino teapot, 70 ml – 145 euro
Celadon porcelain jar, hibiscus motif (outside dimensions 10 cm x 6,5cm ) – 80 euro
Sold- “Chinese Clouds” teapot, 130ml – 124 euro (glazed in celadon inside)
SOLD – Carbontrap “salt and pepper 1” 60ml, – 145 euro
SOLD – Carbontrap teapot “Salt and Pepper 2” 85ml, 145 euro

Available April 2022

To purchase, send email to potsinclay@gmail.com or use form at the end of this page. Prices are exclusive of shipping. Free Easter rabbit tea pet (porcelain with carbontrap shino) included with each of these purchases.

SOLD – Carbontrap shino kyusu, embossed porcelain, 70ml – 145 euro
SOLD – Coarse porcelaneous iron clay kyusu, “wood-worm eaten” handle and iron glaze, 125ml – 145 euro

(This one-of-a kind pot merits a detailed description: very high iron coarsely grogged porcelain-clay mix. The iron has bled through the yellow iron glaze, resulting in the leopard spotted look. On the spout, an iron spot has completely melted away, leaving a round hole at the edge of the spout, this has no adverse effect on the pour which is strong and non-turbulent. The lid and body of the pot were fired separately to avoid them fusing together, the lid and body has been ground together post-firing for perfect fit. Glazed inside. Heat retension is high).

Available January 2022

Please use the form below or write to potsinclay@gmail.com to purchase. Prices are exclusive of shipping.

Sold – Bamboo-style teapot, glazed inside, ash sprayed outside – 90ml, 110 euro
Sold – Teadust houhin, dirty porcelain, 115ml – 82 euro
Sold – Shino-glazed porcellaneous clay teapot, 100ml – 106 euro

Available December 2021

To purchase, send email to potsinclay@gmail.com.

Sold – Gold-rimmed “Chinaware” kyusu 100ml – 125 euro

Porcelaneous clay with porcelain and blue decal decoration, glazed inside out in oak ash, fired a third time to fuse liquid gold overglaze (8% gold). Excellent handling and pour

SOLD – “Broken China” teapot, 90ml – 145 Euro

Porcelaneous clay with porcelain handle and spout, which have been decorated with blue decals. Glazed inside. Excellent pour, handles well despite being “broken

“Gold-rimmed Gingko” porcelain kyusu set, 65 ml – 194 euro

Porcelain glazed in transparent glaze, fired a third time to fuse light-green gold-rimmed gingko decals. Excellent pour and handling

Sold – “Fake Kintsugi” teapot, 80ml – 120 euro

porcelaneous clay with decal decoration and gold overglaze tracing (8% gold). Glazed with oak ash inside. Excellent pour and handling

Available November 2021

To purchase, send email to potsinclay@gmail.com, or use form on contact page. Further work will be avalable Friday 26 Nov on Etsy.

Sold: Gingko tea set: black porcelain tray, white porcelain kyusu 80ml and teacup (max 95ml) – 210 euro
Sold: Tenmoku glazed kyusu, dirty porcelain, 100ml – 124 euro
Sold: Gingko gaiwan, porcelain 90ml – 78 euro

Available October 2021

To purchase, please send an email to potsinclay@gmail.com or use form on contact page.

Sold – “Ink 1 gaiwan”, 100ml, porcelain – 75 euro

Perfect lid to body fit

Sold – “Ink 2 gaiwan”, 100ml, porcelain – 75 euro

Excellent lid to body fit

Sold – “Ink teapot” Overhead handle, faceted porcelain, pale yellow glaze with underglaze decoration 75ml – 110 euro
Sold: Shabby-chic teaboat/ wastewater bowl with removable lid in unglazed black porcelain with slip and black flower decoration – 130 euro

100% watertight. Content 600ml. Measures 18,5cm x 9 cm. (price excl. of teapot and cup)

Available August 2021

These pieces were fired in oxidation three times – first bisque to 940 degrees Celcius, then glaze-fired to 1245 degrees Celcius, then finally fired to 717 degrees to fuse the cherry blossom decals. The flower decoration is completely fixed on the glaze and will not come off in use.

To purchase, please contact using form below. Prices are exclusive of shipping.

Sold – Cherry-blossom kyusu (90 ml), cup and tray – porcelain. 208 euro
Sold – Cherry-flower gaiwan (100ml), porcelain. 80 euro
Sold – Lidded mug (260ml) with cherry flowers and cobalt lines, porcelain. 82 euro