Pale yellow teapot, 125ml, dirty porcelain

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Made in a mixture of porcelain and iron clay (70% porcelain) and glazed inside out in a pale yellow iron glaze. The little specks are iron from the clay that have melted and bled through the glaze. The overall look is very modest, maybe a pot that gains in interest over time…

Handles very well, not least due to the little “stop” on the handle.

1 review for Pale yellow teapot, 125ml, dirty porcelain

  1. Schwartz

    The pictures do not do it justice! I had some friends over the other day and guess who got all the comments? This cute and humble yellow teapot! It’s very comfortable to hold and I swear it brings out the floral sweetness of Lishan tea more than my other yixing I normally use.

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