Tenmoku bowl, traditional Chinese shape, harefur tendency

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Made on the potter’s wheel in a mixture of porcelain and iron clay and glazed inside out in tenmoku glaze. This glaze is tricky to fire, and will look startlingly different in different places in the kiln. Here I fired it hot. The glaze shows a tendency towards “tuhao” 兔毫hare fur effect, this is when oilspots have started to lose their shape and run down the bowl in straks so fine it looks like the fur of a hare. It is a much coveted glaze effect, one that I only ever achieved once before. It’s not perfect here, but it is there.

There is the glaze roll at the bottom as seen on traditional old tianmu bowls. This is where the glaze has run and stopped, showing its character. (Some glazes would run right off the pot).

This bowl can be used for anything, and it is also a traditional shape for matcha.

Holds max 400ml to the rim

1 review for Tenmoku bowl, traditional Chinese shape, harefur tendency

  1. Crystal

    It may be easy to think of a bowl as simple, but this one is extraordinary. It reminds me of similar tea bowls hundreds of years old I have seen in the Chinese collection at the Chicago Field Museum. The fineness, glazing, shape, color, and capacity make it such a lovely object, and a joy to use. I immediately made tea in it when I opened it, and I love it! Thank you, it is the nicest tea bowl I have ever seen!

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