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With a background in Chinese studies and a decade of living in China and Taiwan, Inge learned pottery for four years in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently she is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Inge interprets traditional forms of Chinese teapots. She also makes other functional vessels, such as bowls, cups, vases, teaboats and incense burners.

Her work is thrown on the potter’s wheel in porcelain and iron-rich clay, as well as various mixtures of the two (“dirty porcelain”). Each clay body is formulated to fit specific glazes.

The majority of pots are fired in a small gas kiln to a top temperature of 1260 degrees Celcius for a duration of 10 hours.

The glazes are mostly Asian in origin, such as tenmoku, shino, nuka and celadon. Many of the glazes are highly sensitive to atmosphere and firing conditions (so called kiln mutation glazes). The ensuing result is playful, unique and hard to replicate from firing to firing.

photo by Liz Castrellon Diaz

  • 2009 – Student at Huayan Ceramic Studio, Taipei Taiwan (master potter Zheng Deyong)
  • 2014 – Studio established in Brussels, Belgium
  • 2016 – Selected Work, Taiwan Golden Teapot Competition 6th Edition, Yingge Ceramic Museum, Taiwan
  • 2018 – Selected Work, Taiwan Golden Teapot Competition 7th Edition, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2022 – Selected Work, NCECA Juried Functional Teapot show 2nd Edition, Elliot Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, USA