Available December 2021

To purchase, send email to potsinclay@gmail.com.

Sold – Gold-rimmed “Chinaware” kyusu 100ml – 125 euro

Porcelaneous clay with porcelain and blue decal decoration, glazed inside out in oak ash, fired a third time to fuse liquid gold overglaze (8% gold). Excellent handling and pour

SOLD – “Broken China” teapot, 90ml – 145 Euro

Porcelaneous clay with porcelain handle and spout, which have been decorated with blue decals. Glazed inside. Excellent pour, handles well despite being “broken

“Gold-rimmed Gingko” porcelain kyusu set, 65 ml – 194 euro

Porcelain glazed in transparent glaze, fired a third time to fuse light-green gold-rimmed gingko decals. Excellent pour and handling

Sold – “Fake Kintsugi” teapot, 80ml – 120 euro

porcelaneous clay with decal decoration and gold overglaze tracing (8% gold). Glazed with oak ash inside. Excellent pour and handling

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