Available April 2022

To purchase, send email to potsinclay@gmail.com or use form at the end of this page. Prices are exclusive of shipping. Free Easter rabbit tea pet (porcelain with carbontrap shino) included with each of these purchases. SOLD – Carbontrap shino kyusu, embossed porcelain, 70ml – 145 euro SOLD – Coarse porcelaneous iron clay kyusu, “wood-worm eaten”Continue reading “Available April 2022”

Available December 2021

To purchase, send email to potsinclay@gmail.com. Sold – Gold-rimmed “Chinaware” kyusu 100ml – 125 euro Porcelaneous clay with porcelain and blue decal decoration, glazed inside out in oak ash, fired a third time to fuse liquid gold overglaze (8% gold). Excellent handling and pour SOLD – “Broken China” teapot, 90ml – 145 Euro Porcelaneous clayContinue reading “Available December 2021”