Available August 2022

To purchase, write to potsinclay@gmail.com, include shipping destination for shipping quote. Reserved – Carbontrap teapot I, shino glaze, porcelain, 75ml – 165 euro SOLD – Carbontrap shino teapot II, shino glaze, porcelain, 80ml – 160 euro Sold – Celadon teapot, porcelain, overhead handle, 95 ml – 145 euro

Available January 2022

Please use the form below or write to potsinclay@gmail.com to purchase. Prices are exclusive of shipping. Sold – Bamboo-style teapot, glazed inside, ash sprayed outside – 90ml, 110 euro Sold – Teadust houhin, dirty porcelain, 115ml – 82 euro Sold – Shino-glazed porcellaneous clay teapot, 100ml – 106 euro

Available December 2021

To purchase, send email to potsinclay@gmail.com. Sold – Gold-rimmed “Chinaware” kyusu 100ml – 125 euro Porcelaneous clay with porcelain and blue decal decoration, glazed inside out in oak ash, fired a third time to fuse liquid gold overglaze (8% gold). Excellent handling and pour SOLD – “Broken China” teapot, 90ml – 145 Euro Porcelaneous clayContinue reading “Available December 2021”