Available April 2022

To purchase, send email to potsinclay@gmail.com or use form at the end of this page. Prices are exclusive of shipping. Free Easter rabbit tea pet (porcelain with carbontrap shino) included with each of these purchases.

SOLD – Carbontrap shino kyusu, embossed porcelain, 70ml – 145 euro
SOLD – Coarse porcelaneous iron clay kyusu, “wood-worm eaten” handle and iron glaze, 125ml – 145 euro

(This one-of-a kind pot merits a detailed description: very high iron coarsely grogged porcelain-clay mix. The iron has bled through the yellow iron glaze, resulting in the leopard spotted look. On the spout, an iron spot has completely melted away, leaving a round hole at the edge of the spout, this has no adverse effect on the pour which is strong and non-turbulent. The lid and body of the pot were fired separately to avoid them fusing together, the lid and body has been ground together post-firing for perfect fit. Glazed inside. Heat retension is high).

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