Selected work February 2021

The gems from each firing are for sale here. Subscribe to get notified. Browse Etsy for a wider selection (next Etsy update Thursday 25th Feb at 8PM Belgian time).

To purchase, send email to for shipping quote and payment information, or use form at the bottom of this page.

(Please note that shipments to countries outside the EU may incur import duty and/or VAT, for which the buyer is responsible)

SOLD – Milky celadon on iron-rich stoneware, 100ml, 98 euro (optional: one small cup, 45ml to the rim, to match is an additional 18 euro)

SOLD – Blue guan (ice crackle/ snowflake) jar, white stoneware, 250ml, 58 euro

SOLD – Porcelain celadon, 90ml, and two matching cups (65ml max to the rim each), 154 euro

SOLD – Tenmoku (with microcrystals) pancake kyusu, 125ml, dirty porcelain, 112 euro

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