Selected Work Easter 2021

The gems from each firing are for sale here. Subscribe to get notified. Browse Etsy for a wider selection (next Etsy update Monday 29 March at 7PM Belgian time). To purchase, send email to for shipping quote and payment information, or use form at the bottom of this page. (Please note that shipments to countries outside the EU may incur import duty and/or VAT, for which the buyer is responsible)

SOLD Faceted porcelain teapot, celadon, overhead handle, 75ml – 124 euro

SOLD Houhin, teadust, dirty porcelain, 100ml – 82 euro

SOLD Kyusu, dirty porcelain, slight carbontrap, 80ml – 106 euro

SOLD Xishi-shaped dirty porcelain teapot, nuka glaze, 85 ml – 106 euro

FREE Easter Bunny TEAPET with each order this time! Will stain nicely in the cracks of the shino carbontrap glaze, if you feed it tea…
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