Selected work April 2021

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Sold – Teadust teapot, dirty porcelain, 80ml – 98 euro
Sold -Clay taster set, 2 x unglazed gaiwan 110ml, total 120 euro/set

There are two sets available. One set consists of: a) one reduction fired gaiwan in high-iron, medium porous clay (appr. 3% porosity), and b) one lighter coloured reduction-fired, non-porous stoneware clay. Lid to body fit is perfect. While I don’t have consistent feedback for these two clays, they both reportedly have their qualities (for oxidised teas such as roasted wulongs, liubao, hongcha and pu’ers), and in side by side comparison you may find a space opens for some interesting tea moments. Tea lovers who use clay know that clay needs time; don’t expect instant results and don’t expect Yixing standard! These clays are greedy, they will steal flavour right until the moment they start to aid flavour.

Sold – Celadon kyusu 90ml and matching cup 100ml – 140 euro
Sold – Carbontrap shipiao-style teapot 85ml with plate – 155 euro
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