Selected work June 2021

To purchase, please contact using the form below or send email to Check Etsy for additional available pieces on Monday 7th June at 19h00 Belgian time.

Sold -Set: teapot 110ml and teaboat – 168 euro

This set consists of an unglazed, smooth iron-rich teapot 110ml. The pot is delightfully thinwalled and light at 82 grs. It pours fast and non-turbulent. Though taste may vary, this unglazed, reduction-fired clay has been appreciated for various oxidised teas (liubao, hongcha, pu’er shou). The teaboat measures 16,5 x 4,5 cm. The glaze is a so-called fake ash rivulet type, runny – glossy where thick, matte where thin.

Sold – Celadon blue kyusu 70ml and cup 70/100ml – 136 euro

Pale blue celadon glaze, achieved though heavy reduction in gas kiln. The blue is actually an optic illusion: it is the light travelling though the mass of bubbles suspended in the glaze that cause the piece to appear blue. That also explains why celadon and iron blues look so different in different light. The kyusu is made in porcelain. It has a smooth, precise pour.

Sold- Teadust shiboridashi, 85ml – 78 euro

Teadust is a glaze in the tenmoku (iron-saturated) family. With the addition of talc, magnesium or dolomite to a tenmoku recipe, the micro-crystals may start to form on the glaze surface – although it is easier said than done, as this glaze is sensitive to firing conditions. When it works, it is sweet. Porcellaneous clay, glazed inside out.

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